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3 Things Home Buyers Should Know during Covid

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Home Buying In A Covid Pandemic Is Different

The process buying a home during the Covid Pandemic is very different than it was just a short 60 days ago. This article is being written on April 16 and it should be expected that circumstances will change as time goes on. B

1. Social Distancing During Covid

It’s absolutlely critical today, as we try to flatten the curve that we practice social distancing at every opportunity

Best plan is to stay home and stay safe. Only those families that absolutely have to make a change in where they live should be in the market place.

  • Can we do this (or how much of this can be done) VIRTUALLY ?
  • Extra Per-Qualification – Why today, what are the circumstances
  • Tell us about your work, your finances – your family
  • Have you travelled in the 14 days ?
  • Have you been exposed ?

2. Showing Homes is Different

Because everyone is trying to interact directly as little as possible for those people who absolutely have to look at a home the process is different than it used to be.

  • No more meeting at the Realtors office, no car sharing
  • Only key people go in to see the home
  • The showing window will be much shorter (10-15) minutes
  • Buyers will be asked to remove shoes, maybe put on booties etc
  • The lights will be on and doors will be open. WE TOUCH NOTHING
  • Showing will be in and out as quickly and cleanly as possible.

It used to be that we would take time in the home to “get a feeling” for the space. Maybe sit on couch in the family room for a few mintues and talk about where your furniture would go. Those days are gone for now.

We have to remember that the home owner is afraid to have to have strangers in their home. We have to respect that and keep the showing as shor as possible.

3. Home Buying Is Slower in a Pandemic

When the time comes to make an offer you’ll have to remember that the process is going to be much slower than in normal times. Just trying to find people who are qualified and everyone is comfortable with could add days to the home buying process.

  • Inspectors
  • Appraisers
  • The Bank
  • Other experts

Can all add days, amybe even weeks to the time schedule.

And then closing can bring a whole new set of issues. Movers, the place the seller is going to or other associated professions can all create a wrinkle that has to be ironed out. It’s going to be necessary to build in cushions at every turn.

It’s Not Easy – But It Is Possible – Even Gratifying

With an experienced real estate agent, one who knows where the hurddles amy be and how to get over them this can be a very gratifying experience. It takes all sides to work together. It’s WIN – WIN – WIN !!!!

By keeping everyone in the loop and being transparent and open at every turn the results can be satisfying.

But at this time the absolute best choice is to stay home and stay safe.


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