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A Holiday Away From Northumberland

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Not Holidaying In Cobourg,Port Hope ?

How to keep your home safe while on vacation.


Many of our Northumberland Home Values Group past and present clients take a well deserved vacation in the summer months.  It’s funny …. Cobourg, Port Hope and all of Northumberland County are holiday destinations for thousands of people all year round.  And we imagine many of those people visit the Cobourg Port Hope area live in very nice places too.

It’s Just Nice To Get Away

Weather you’re going to a cottage for few weeks, visit friends or relatives in another province.Maybe going camping or just travelling and seeing this beautiful country of ours, you will be leaving your home unoccupied

We are blessed along the lake shore to be a very low crime area. Many folks rarely lock there doors. But just like everywhere else that can be some trouble makers about.   There are few simple things you can do to fool those that may have too much time on their hands.

First of all make your home appear occupied by setting some of the indoor lights, as well as outdoor, on timers to go on and off at different times. With today’s technology you can control them from your smartphone

Try putting your TV on a timer as well. The flickering lights from the TV will look like someone is there watching it Close all blinds and curtains in the windows on the main level, so no one can look in.


We know that you get all excited about your holiday, but try not to blast it everywhere over social media You don’t know who will be sharing and reading and waiting for you to leave. But do tell your closest neighbours, friends and family when you are leaving and how long you will be away. Leave a set of keys with them and your cell number in case they have to reach you. Perhaps you could ask them to pick up your mail and newspapers while you’re away.

Arrange for someone to mow your lawn and water the flowers.

When packing your car with gear, do it in the garage with the doors closed, because you don’t know who is driving by and checking out the neighbourhood.

Lastly, make sure all your doors are closed, including side doors, inside entry doors from the garage, gates, storage units and sheds and maybe your neighbours could park their car in your driveway while you’re away so it looks like someone is home.

Finally, ask your Northumberland Home Values Group agent to drive by your house periodically and check for any unusual activity, they probably know the house quite well, if you bought through them. They will be happy to do that for you.

Now go and have a great time!


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