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Buying A Condo

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Understanding Condos

When purchasing a condo in Cobourg or Port Hope, there are few things you need to understand. But before we get into that part of it, let’s take a look at the “why”.

Perhaps you live in a house in Northumberland now.  Be it in town in Cobourg or Port Hope or in the country such as Hamilton Township or Alnwick – Haldimand or Cramahe Townships. There are things you must do to maintain that property. There is grass to be cut,weather it’s a small lot in town, or 2 acres in the country, someone has to do it. That’s not the only thing, what about snow removal? Your house may be getting older and soon you might have to replace the roof and the windows, that’s on top of all the other maintenance you have to do.

Where Will You Find A Condo

You decide to look into a condo living in Cobourg or Port Hope and with the help of your Northumberland Home Values Group agent you find one that is offered for sale and it happens to be in your favourite neighbourhood. When you have a chance to speak to the seller, you  soon find out that it’s a different type of ownership than a house. Sure, you won’t have to mow the lawn and shovel snow, replace the windows or the roof, because it will be done for you, but who pays for it?, Who decides how much? Are there also rules and regulations that every condo owner has to adhere to?

Security Is Important

You also start to think about the security that comes with condo ownership. Perhaps you spend your Winters in a warmer climate, no worries, your neighbours are right there to watch your unit while you’re away. You also realize that you’ll have your own locker for storage, your own garage space and maybe an extra parking space outside for visitors.  

You start to understand each condo building has its own board of directors, who look after the expenses and enforce the rules and regulations which are set out in the Condo Status Certificate. Your Northumberland Home Values Group agent can request the Certificate on your behalf, which you can take to your lawyer for review. There are important documents included in the Certificate about the budget, reserve fund, assessments, increases since last budget, unit common expenses and many other items.

No worries your Northumberland Home Values Group agent will include, as a condition in the offer to purchase the unit, a review of the Condo Status Certificate by you and your lawyer, so you are well informed.

You may even take the time to go around the building and introduces you to some of the condo owners who will soon become your new neighbours. You get positive feedback from everyone and you decide that, perhaps this condo living really is for you.  Even though it’s a lot different than owning your house, you think,  you that might be as happy living there as the seller has been. 


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