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Living the Dream A Cobourg Condo

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CONDO !!! Not just in Northumberland, in Cobourg or Port Hope. It happens to property owners everywhere. Experience has shown it doesn’t happen in a day or two, it takes time. The decision to downsize, move to another place, with less maintenance and upkeep. That voice in the back of your head, that keeps nagging at you, that there is more to life than cutting grass, shoveling snow and trimming hedges.

So you have been thinking that it might just be a time to make a change in your life. Where do you go? Maybe you’ve always lived in a Cobourg home, with a yard, a garage , a shed for all your garden tools. Maybe you’ve enjoyed a real nice property in Port Hope with a pool for your kids to enjoy. But life changes ~ there is no one to use the space, and the work still has to be done. Grass grows well (and greener) in Northumberland County and has to be cut. Also the dreaded snow in the Winter has to get shoveled.You have done it for all these years and now feel like you deserve a break.

The condo life appeals to you. “Let someone else worry about the maintenance, grass and snow”. However it is a different lifestyle that you will have to get use to. You wonder about the location, type and size of building, what they offer, what are the restrictions, because there must be some!

It can all be a little overwhelming. Not all Condos are the same. In fact they are all different. At the Northumberland Home Values Group we get into every condo and have helped people buy and sell in each. We understand it’s a process and have developed a way to help you through it.

Do you get a garage or just a parking spot outside ? Is there a locker for storage? For many people considering buying a condo in Northumberland the most important question is will they be able to take their furry friend, the small dog or cat along.

How do you want to live ?

What do you want to do ?

Apart from the physical location, every condo has rules and regulations that you should be aware of. Every owner has to adhere to these rules, no exceptions. A Condo will give you a the lifestyle you’re looking for and along with that goes a change in property ownership. You’re not buying a “space” you’re buying a proportional share in a corporation. These shares are allocated to a certain unit, but also to the common areas as well. At the Northumberland Home Values Group every agent understands this and can help. We know the different condo buildings, are familiar with what each one offers, and may be able to help you find the one that best fits your needs.

So Relax, put your feet up and let someone else worry about the grass, snow and building maintenance. You have security and time to enjoy life doing things you like!


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