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Buying Your First Home In Northumberland

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Northumberland First Time Buyers- Not your forever home?

At the Northumberland Home Values Group we love to work with First Time Buyers.  All over Noethumberland, in Cobourg, Port Hope, Grafton Colborne and Camborne and in the townships too.  Home ownership is such a wonderful way for families to build wealth and security for their lives.  Getting into the real estate market is the first step.
First Time Buyers Are Unique,they require more care and a special process.  At the Northumberland Home Values Group we are ready !!
First time buyers tend to think more of today and the near future,  but there are many questions that need to be answered before the search  begins.

It’s about your situation !!

Consider the timing …
Right now they may be  newlywed and living in the area with mom and dad.
Consider the Finances …
They both may  have good jobs in the area and pre-approval from the bank,so it shouldn’t be a problem finding a home.
As an experienced Northumberland Home Values Group realtor, we start a process that will lead them on a path that ultimately will lead to todays perfect home.

Not A Forever Home

One of the most important considerations, and one we drive home all the time, is being aware that there are restrictions on what a First Time Buyer can buy.  It’s the same every where – not just in Northumberland.  First time buyers only have so much money, may need to be in a certain area for work and require limited space.  These all contribute to home selection.

The Best Real Estate Advice 

But in time needs can change, families can grow and new jobs in different towns can come up.  A young family can’t afford to miss these opportunities.  So positioning is a very large part of the consideration of the home search.  That’s our most important job. To ensure that the first home meets today’s needs – but is also a home that can appreciate in value and be very easy to sell when the time comes.  The Northumberland Home Values Group makes the commitment that we are not here to sell you one home- we are here to help you build a solid, profitable life through home ownership.


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