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The Smell of Spring in Cobourg

One of the neatest things – a real sign the winter has left Cobourg in it’s past is the spring blooms.  Northumberland has some BIG apple growers, and the blossoms along the highway can be spectacular – rows upon rows of trees laden with flowers.  It can be so pretty to drive along highway 2, through Grafton, and Colborne (Home of the BIG Apple)  and on into Brighton.  Yes Northumberland has some of the richest farm lands along the lake front which for centuries have been feeding the bellies of city people all over the world.

But for many, the blossoms in the Northumberland countryside are beautiful to look at but little more than that.  Being able to walk through the orchard just isn’t available to most of us.

Hope For Cobourg Home Owners

But there are opportunities !!!

Here is what you do – and you have to do it early in the morning.

Weather you live in some other part of Northumberland, Port Hope, Colborne, Grafton, Camborne or Trent Hills.  Or even if you live totally outside the area, maybe Oshawa or Ajax or Toronto.  You have to get up early and drive to Victoria Park in Cobourg.  Drive down Church St in Cobourg along the east side of Victoria Park and park as close to the Cobourg beach as you can.  Leave your car and walk along the board walk.

Sunrise on the Cobourg Beach

You want to start at the east end of the board walk so the sun will be behind you.   This early in the morning, walking west can be blinding.  As you walk along the board walk look out to the light house.  When Cobourg was a Federal Harbour that light house used to blow it’s horn on misty mornings to warn ships of the narrow harbour mouth.  But with luck, your morning will be clear – notice how the sun rises over the far end of Lake Ontario, and the first thing is strikes is the Cobourg Lighthouse.  Seemingly shining a spot light on it while there is still darkness, or at least a dull dawning behind.  This is an exceptional view.

As you walk along you’ll see the camp ground – get ready !!! at the end of the boardwalk, just before you walk across the parking lot to the harbour, pause …. close your eyes and inhale through you nose.  If your timing is right you’ll feel like you are in the blossom of a spring flower – truly a unique and enriching experience.



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