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Showcasing Cobourg Northumberland Homes

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Selling Homes In Northumberland 

People who live in Northumberland County all understand that a big part of our buyer pool comes from areas to the West, Toronto.  Every time leave home values group work for the seller, we here, someone from Toronto will come and by my house.

It’s absolutely true people that are buying Cobourg, Port Hope, Grafton, Castleton, Camborne,  and rural  home are comong  from  Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, and into the GTA.  The trick is getting each house in front of the most appropriate buyer.

There are millions of people in those areas. And millions of ways to advertise to them.

The challenge for a real estate agent is to be able to focus our marketing effort to Target the  most qualified the most motivated buyers. that is the way we maximize our return on our marketing dollars.

Being The Home They See

Living in Northumberland is only an hour away from Toronto. along the way we drive by millions of people. Identifying those people who are most probably going  be thinking of moving out of the city has become a science.

We work everyday refining our marketing strategies and platforms to reach specific, narrowly focused buyer pools.

2 Steps To Selling Cobourg Area Real Estate

There are two steps. First – we have to identify the type of person that is most likely going to want the type of home that we listed.   Are they looking for a town property in Cobourg or Port Hope .  Or are they looking for a rural property such as Centerton Grafton or Colborne. Or do they really want to be out in the country in Hamilton Township. Or Haldimand Alnwick Township s.  Are they looking for a newer home or an historic home ?  The style of home can help to isolate the type of buyer. For  instant, it’s easy to identify the type of bond that will be looking for a bungalow in Cobourg  or Port Hope. Just as The family that wants a 2 bedroom home on a large lot can be easily identified as well.

Secondly, once we have identified the type of family that will be looking for a particular home we have to then design a platform to reach that particular type of person.   We this using redo  using a number of different strategies, platforms, mediums, and even language. Everyhome the Northumberland home values group takes the market is assessed and measured  independently. to help us identify the absolute best way to expose that home to the greatest number of qualified interested and motivated buyers.

Using Video To Sell Real Estate

One of the most powerful tools we have is video. Video helps people experience the home, the neighborhood, the whole Community, before they actually get there. At the Northumberland home values group we were Pioneers using video as a sales tool. We’ve developed extremely effective strategies for implementing video campaigns for the showcasing of our homes. Video is an extremely versatile tool

The video in this post is an example of a commercial we created to help people understand the lifestyle they can live when they move to Henry Street in Cobourg. making the choice to move to a new community like Coburg, or hope, Grafton, Colborne, or even a country property, is a lifestyle choice more often than an economic choice. healthy people understand the lifestyle they can live when they come to Northumberland often helps them make the choice to make a change.

This video was created using very specific language. We focused and deliberately spoke to the people we wanted to touch, the people we wanted to motivate.

Once completed this video was  employed the number of very specific platforms. It was incorporated into a very targeted focused social media campaign. This social media campaign was designed to drill down into specific communities, reach specific age group, with specific interests hobbies and desires.

The reults been amazing!. Home buyers loan able to prequalify their homes without driving to town and without having to spend time with a real estate agent.

Video is a tool that works.   we have to remember every house is different so every house should have a unique marketing plan with unique marketing materials specific to it.

That is the kind of Help that the Northumberland home values group provides to its clients. If you or someone that you care about is thinking of making I change and selling your  home. PH in Cobourg, Port Hope, Grafton, Centerton, Castleton, or anywhere in the wonderful Northumberland County area. We can help. Then I’m going home values group is here to help.

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