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A Tale Of 2 Cities – Cobourg …

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Cobourg, Port Hope and all of Northumberland are wonderful places to own a home and raise a family. And there are some fantastic places to work all over Northumberland County. But there are times when a job opportunity comes up and you just have to go for it. Maybe it’s a company that’s been trying to recruit you for a while, or just the changing economy or downsizing in your place of employment. Whatever the reason, you feel it’s time to move. 

What if that job is in another city or even another country. This is a big step! Everything will be new and perhaps very different from what you have been used to in the wonderful Northumberland area. It can also be very exciting for you! The thought of no more snow and freezing temperatures is very appealing to you, if the move is to a warmer climate. Are you ready to take that next step? Don’t let fear stop  you, change can be very good sometimes.

Imagine …. you and your family have been living in a nice home  that you all love,  for quite sometime and the thought of leaving it has never come up until now. After a lengthy discussion with your family , you all agree that you should go ahead and accept the job and find a place in the new city for the whole family when they are able to join you.

Decision made, but what about the house? One of you will stay behind to sell the house. Tough decision, but with everyone in agreement, you move on.

First of all, the house will have to be sold, so the members of the family left behind will need the help of The Northumberland Real Estate group. But before selling can take place, the home has to be ready for sale. We all accumulate stuff over time, things will need to be thought out. What to sell ? give away ? throw away ? Some BIG decisions. This is where a Northumberland Home Values Group agent can help. call us early !!!!

Call Us Early

We can help put you in touch with professionals that will de-clutter your home, stage it, haul away junk , come in to inventory and take away furniture and items you would like to auction. We have people who will clean, pack and move your things to your new home.

Then there is the actual listing of the house, that can be stressful enough. You need to get all the documents  that buyers ask for when interested  and you may not know where they all are.

Fortunately with today’s technology a lot of things are possible. Your partner at the Northumberland Home Values group is only a call, text, video chat or email away. All questions can be answered quickly and without confusion. Just take a picture, send it and voila!

When the time comes to sign documents, it’s easy with email and electronic signature, it can be done from anywhere in the world.

Before You Know It – You’re All Together Again


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