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Cobourg Walks – Northumberland Real Estate

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If you’ve purchased a home in Cobourg, you will notice that a great number of people here walk
everywhere. Some walk with their dogs and some just by themselves, perhaps to pick up few
groceries or meet friends for coffee. Weather you walk to get some exercise, or to exercise your
pet, walking is good for you, so lace up a good pair of runners and head outdoors.

Cobourg Shortcuts That Save You Time

A Shortcut To The Northumberland Mall 


cobourg real estate dave chomitz pathway
If you live at the bottom of Westwood Dr and are heading to the Mall, Staples or the strip mall,
there is a wonderful shortcut you can take without having to go all the way around to Rogers
road. Walk up all the way Westwood Dr. and keep walking through Westwood Cres, when you
reach the fence, you will notice an opening in it and a path that will take you to the back of the
Mall. You are approximately behind Staples now and can choose to turn left towards the Mall, or
right towards the strip mall with a number of wonderful stores, shops and services.
cobourg property shortcut dave chomitz

Molly Baker Lane ~  A Nice Walk

molly baker lane cobourg real estate dave chomiitz
Another great shortcut is on the east side of town.   Not many use it but Molly Baker Lane is a great way for people who live west of Coverdale to access the stores on the corner of Coverdale an King streets.   Molly Baker Lane runs from Brook Road South to the west end of Orchard Avenue.  The west end is accessed from Brook Road South between King St and Foote Cres.  From the east end just walk to the end of Orchard Avenue – it’s a dead end street but the path is there for you to take.
cobourg property shortcut molly baker lane dave chomitz

Tremaine Terrace To The Lake

tremaine terrace cobourg real estate path dave chomitz
Some paths are just nice walks.  One of our favorite is on Tremaine Terrace. This is a nice short walk to the mouth of Cobourg Creek.  A really pretty view of the lake and the lagoon that forms from the action of the waves.  From here you can also walk along the lakeshore to the west.  The lots on Tremaine Terrace extend only to the “High Water” mark, so the beach itself is public space.  This is a really pretty place and one that is rarely used.  Enjoy the walk.
tremaine terrace pathway to cobourg real estate lake dave chomitz
dave chomitz cobourg real estate

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