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Covid 19 at the Cobourg Campground

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During the Covid Pandemic, as home owners and tenants stay home, lock down and socially distance. There are some that are not fortunate enough to be able to do that. There are people in every community that get up every morning and leave home for the betterment of the community. Leave their families behind and do the work that’s needed to keep out communities safe.

Every home and property owner pays their taxes. And a part of those taxes go for paying for the services that keep our homes, lands, and streets safe. Both in towns like Cobourg, Port Hope or Grafton as well as all over Northumbeland County. The Cobourg police, the Port Hope fire department, the Northumberland Coiunty paramedics are all people we tend to take advantage of when times are good. But at times like this, these people go out everyday to face a real and present danger in order to take care of us. First resonders are one of the largest groups that have been infected world wide.

Caring for the Health Care Workers

The second group that is extremely exposed to the danger of Covid 19 and still goes to work every day are the Health Care workers. Doctors, nurses, PSW’s even custodial staff all face tremendous danger every minute their at work. They go willingly and without hesitation.

We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

A Safe Place At The Cobourg Beach

But what happens after work. Do these giving souls go home and risk infecting their loved ones. Sadly, too often around the world that’s the only option. But Cobourg has created a safe place them. A beautiful place in a sought after location.

Down at the beach, the camp grounds have been turned into a safe compound for these great people to go to. Fencing has been put up, trailors have been donated by OWASCO RV center. And the units have been outfitted with the basic general needs.

Now, after work these people, who contribute so much for us will have safe and pleasant place to go. Looking forward to the days when we can all just go home without worrying.


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