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Discover Northumberland – Cobourg Beach

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One of the greatest gems of Northumberland County is the Cobourg Waterfront. In the summer it becomes the hub of so many fun activities for family and friends. But

But what so many people don’t realize is how wonderful the Cobourg waterfront can be in the winter. This is especially true of the West Beach and boardwalk. Home owners in town are aware. Even folks who own propteries in Port Hope, Colborne, Grafton or really anywhere in Northumberland know and enjoy the waterfront all year. The people of Cobourg and all of Northumberland County have worked hard to preserve this gravelly beach in as natural an environment as possible. Who knows how or why, but the Cobourg waterfront is unique in that – on the east side of the natural Cobourg Harbour is a beautiful sand beach. Where you’ll find summers full of sand castles, beach volleyball and family reunions.

Cobourg West Beach Is Quiet

On the west side of the harbour there is no sand. Here you’ll find stones and pebbles that have been worn smooth from centuries of waves breaking over them. There are natural dunes and small bushes that are home to all kinds of wild life and birds. It is here that a quiet walk can help you see how life is really better than it may seem on any given day.

Keeping this as natural as possible has been and important mission for the people who live in Cobourg. You’ll love it when you walk it.


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