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Gutters In The Fall – Cobourg Real Estate

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Gutters Are Important

The fall is a time when home and property owners in Northumberland have a number of chores that need doing.   Getting ready for winter anywhere in Ontario should be a priority for home owners.  Here in Northumberland we are blessed with a healthy and vibrant canopy of trees.  Certainly in Hamilton and Haldimand Townships there are tons of wonderful forests that we marvel at all year round.  During the winter we love to ski, skidoo and walk through these forests.  In the spring we get our world famous maple syrup – and if you’re really lucky get to enjoy some fresh pancakes as well in these hardwood forests.  The summer brings us the summer walks, hikes,  hacks and rides that are a great way to reset after a busy day at the office.   And of coarse the fall brings us natures watercolors in the vibrant fall colours as the leaves change.  It’s like living in a post card.


Home Gutters In Northumberland

As beautiful as the canopy is – the falling leaves can be reason for concern for home and property owners.   The leaves must be cleaned from the gutters of your home.  This is an easy but important chore that every home owner needs to be aware of.


3 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

  1. Foundation / Basement Protection: Clean Gutters will get the fall rains to off the roof and away from the house the way they were designed to.   Gutters clogged by leaves will overflow and allow the rain water to fall close to the house.  When this happens there is a chance of the surface water finding it’s way into the home either through window wells or migrating through the foundation.
  2. Roof Protection:  A gutter clogged with leaves will hold the snow that falls.  In the mid day sun, as snow melts on the roof the runoff will not have anywhere to go.  Then when the sun passes the runoff will freeze again.  This freeze / thaw cycle can cause ice to build up under the bottom layer of shingles which can result in significant damage to the roof, flashings and ultimately water damage to the inside of the home

3. Gutter Protection:  A gutter clogged with leaves will hold snow that will become ice and over time will create a significant amount of extra weight on the gutter itself.  This extra weight could cause the gutter pull away from the house, damaging soffit and fascia boards.  Once pulled away, the gutters will not be there in the spring to carry away the spring melt and the April showers that follow  …. (see #1 above)

At the Northumberland Home Values Group we are dedicated to helping the home and property owners of Cobourg, Port Hope and all of Northumberland protect their greatest assest.

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