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Northumberland $ 10000 Solution

dave chomitz cobourg real estate inspections

Saving Northumberland Home Owners 10G’s

At the Northumberland Home Values group we understand the selling process. Over many years we’ve come to Understand how both home buyers and real estate sellers approach this time.  Selling any home, whether it’s in Cobourg, Port Hope, Castleton, Grafton, Colborne or anywhere in Northumberland County can be a very emotional time. We understand that.

Maximizing Northumberland Real Estate

The stress of selling real estate  it is said to be one of the most stressful things a person will do in their whole life. In Northumberland County we’ve gotten pretty used to living pretty easy. Life is good here. Adding extra stress is something we just need to avoid whenever we can.

dave chomitz cobourg real estate

At the Northumberland home values group we totally understand that. Our goal is to reduce as much of the stress as we can from your home selling experience. Our mission is to put you, the home seller, in the strongest position possible. So that when you do get an offer, you can deal from a position of strength. And maximize the greatest return.

One of the most critical steps in the selling of your home is the pre listing period.   It’s during this stage, preparing your home for sale, looking at the real estate package were putting together, that we  identify concerns a buyer may have. By using pre inspections we can look at the major systems in your home. We can inspect the major components of the property. Real estate is a series of a lot of moving parts, we link them all together. We identify issues that we anticipate a buyer will have. And then we develop solutions for those issues to mitigate the impact they have on you the home seller at the bargaining table.

Keep more money in your pocket

Experience has shown that a home buyer always finds $10,000 problems. It doesn’t matter what the problem is or how big it really maybe, it’s always a $10,000 problem. Those loose shingles on the roof of your house are probably a $10,000 roof job. The evidence of a little moisture in the basement,  you a buyer, if left unattended. Will become a $10,000 Foundation issue. We know that buyers for their own self-interest will magnify a problem and try to make it bigger than it is.  our goal is to cut that off at the pass.

By doing pre inspections and identifying possible buyer concerns we are able to establish a very real cost associated with each issue. Having a roofer  look at the roof will clearly establish the condition of the roof. A qualified roofer can identify if there are in fact issues, and what those repairs IF NECESSARY may cost to repair. That will eliminate the buyer and the seller arguing at the bargaining table.

Used Homes Are Not The Same As New

Clearly, we are selling a used house. If the roof for brand-new the value could be easily established. If the inside was completely renovated and fresh the value could be clearly and easily identified.   it’s important to remember that even if some parts of the house are worn they still have value. Our job as your real estate agent is  and sure that your home and property gets the highest value possible when you sell it. Having pre inspections done is a great way to put us in a position to realize the maximum return.

That’s the kind of help the Northumberland home values group provides to its valued clients. If you or someone you care about is thinking about making a change the real estate, now more than ever it’s critical to get expert local real estate advice that’s what we provide. We’re here for you. Call us now


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