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Water Wells In Northumberland

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 Water In Northumberland County

We are blessed in Northumberland County
We have water !
When purchasing a home, especially in the rural areas like Hamilton Township or Hope Township or even Alnwick Haldimand Township , Northumberland Home Values Group
realtors hear a lot of comments and concerns about water.
Where does it come from?
Is it municipal supply or does it come from a well ?
Is the well drilled or dug?

Not All Wells Are Created Equal

Those are all good questions and should all be investigated. At Northumberland Home Values
Group we always suggest a water testing. It is relatively a simple procedure. You can ask the
sellers for permission to take a sample of the water from their home to the Northumberland Health Unit.  There they perform a bacteriological test and
provide the results, which can be available to you to review.
Normally the local Health Unit will only test for bacterial contamination; namely, coliforms and E.
As a buyer, can also request that, you yourself can collect a water sample and have it
analyzed. A Northumberland Home Values Group realtor will include this in your offer and
accompany you to the sellers home to collect a sample. By doing this yourself, you will be sure
that this was done correctly and without any interference from other sources.

Well Reports Expire

Sometimes, but not very often, the sellers are able to supply you with a more in depth water
analysis, if they have had a Hydrogeological Assessment done on the well, before all the
systems were installed in the home.
Perhaps the sellers have had filters and other devices like water softer or iron remover installed
already. Find out what those systems are and how they operate. Normally, the company that
installed them will have their name and phone number on them for reference.
You can also retain the services of local well technician to arrange a free in home water analysis
and estimate on what equipment and filters you may need for great tasting water, not only well
water, but also town water.

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