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Preparing To Sell Your Home

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Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Preparing To Sell –

Home Contractors & Inspectors

Before you invite prospective buyers into your home is critical …. it is this time that you have to prepare your home, real estate and property in general to be viewed in the best possible light. Understanding how buyers will “SEE” your home will help you to focus on the areas that will benefit you the most.

As Your Agent Our goal is to put you in the strongest position possible.  That often means identifying not only the strengths but also the possible hurdles we may have to address.

Hurdles:  They can exist.  The biggest mistake many sellers make is to ignore them and hope the buyer won’t notice.  But that strategy leaves us open to issues being dealt with at the negotiating table.  At that moment there is often too many emotions involved to really be able to find the best solution.

As an example – imagine the roof on your home is older – some of the shingles are starting to ripple a bit. You can bet that when a buyer looks at your home they’re going to try and use the roof replacement as a means to drive the price down in an offer.  You can also bet they’ll pull a number of the air about the cost that strengthens their position.  Without any basis in fact the negotiations start evolving around fantasy.  Allowing that to happen would would be letting you down.  In this case we would recommend, before listing to get a professional roofer in to assess the roof and give us a written quote on any repairs that are required.

That quote is added to your “HOME BOOK” that is available to all buyers at the showing.  With these firm numbers both sides can move forward knowing they are getting a fair deal.

The NHV Group has assembled a team of professional contractors we can call upon when we need a set of eyes.

As your agent we conduct a complete survey of your property both inside and out and identify the strengths your home has and the segments of the market they will benefit the most.
Advise you on how to best display these assets.
Advise you on how to Best Display your property …….
This may include recommendations for cosmetic changes such as painting, clearing the yard, removing some furniture or arranging the best way to “stage” your property for a visit from a buyer.
Advise you about Professional Inspection prior listing your home for resale.
Sometimes a “pre-listing” inspection can eliminate a Buyers negative position during the offer process ……..
“remove the argument before you have it”.
Help you to understand where the market is … how this effects you ….. and how to take the greatest advantage of these conditions.
Monitor and provide honest and clear feedback 24 / 7 by creating a private web site to act as a diary on your property. You will receive a private login name and password and will be able to access your property summary anytime.
Should the market change ….. help you elvauate and suggest adjustments along the way.


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