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Radon Gas in Northumberland

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Finding Radon Gas in a Northumberland Home.

Radon Gas – As Northumberland Home Values Group Realtors.  We deal with many challenges when listing or negotiating a sale of properties.  One challenge is elevated levels of Radon gas in a home. Any home can have naturally occurring radon gas.   “Naturally Occurring”  is not unusual anywhere in Canada.  Typically it goes undetected.  In Northumberland County we are more aware because of the Port Hope Area Initiative. Which is a program that is cleaning up the low level radio active waste in Port Hope.  As apart of the process, the PHAI people test for Radon Gas.    Along with number of other substances and in doing so they will at times shine a light on naturally occurring gas.   Old or new homes, well-sealed or drafty homes, homes with or without  basements.
Radon can get into the house through openings and cracks in basement walls and floors,sumps, basement drains,spaces between gas or water fittings and gaps in suspended floors and cavities within walls.

Mitigation Northumberland Style

If a buyer or seller suspect that gas is present, we at Northumberland Home Values Group encourage them to have testing included in a home inspection.  We have experience bringing in companies with monitoring equipment that can be set up in a home.  If elevated levels are detected, steps can be taken to reduce the concentration to or below acceptable levels,  This can include a relatively simple setup such as a collection system with a radon vent pipe, which prevents radon from  entering the home in the first place.
Northumberland Home Values Group Realtors can also suggest professional services that can
provide services for home’s specific conditions.

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