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Why Buyers Should Have An Inspection

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Northumberland Home Inspections

You and the Northumberland Home Values Group real estate agents have been working very hard to find you a perfect home. Now that you have found one, together you draw up an offer which, along with other  things, includes a home inspection. The house may newer (maybe real new).  You may be thinking, why do I need a home inspection, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with it. All the major components of the house seem to be working properly and look like they are in good condition.   You may be asking why spend the money?  What about the things that you can’t see?

This is a real big deal, probably the biggest investment of your life.  You need a a mortgage, you do not want any unexpected expenses when you move in.  Furthermore, you have just invested tens of  thousands of dollars, why not spend a few hundred to have peace of mind.

We’re With You With Northumberland Real Estate

We at Northumberland Home Values Group can help. We know reputable home inspectors that we have used in past transactions, helping people just like you

A real good home inspector knows homes and properties of any age and design.  They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to uncover things hiding in walls.  They climb into the attic and crawl into the basement.  They are a trained set of eyes that will look at parts of the home that you never even considered.   They’ll look for things that might cost you money in repairs later on, when you least expect them.

Northumberland Nooks & Crannies

Your inspector  will look in the attic and check for insulation, trusses and opening where the critters can come in, or already have, to nest and do damage. Down in the basement, with proper equipment  an inspector can check for moisture in the walls, especially when the basement area is finished and it’s hard to detect. Checking the electrical wiring before you buy can be a real savings. Especially if aluminum or knob and tube wiring is uncovered. Perhaps, in order to save money, the homeowner tried to do the work himself, or hired someone not qualified to do the work.  Both have to be replaced or rectified before a home can be insured. What about the plumbing? Check the floors for water stains to uncover leakage past or present, especially around the bathrooms and kitchen.

It’s best to know the things that need replacing  or repairing before you close the transaction. Your

Northumberland Home Values Group real estate agent can help you renegotiate the selling price, or ask for the homeowner to have these issues solved before proceeding further.

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