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Selling With Galvanized Plumbing

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Galvanized Plumbing In Northumberland

Like so many small towns in Ontario, many of the homes in Northumberland County were built before indoor plumbing existed.  And still many more were built before copper or plastic piping was available.  Cobourg, Port Hope, Grafton and really real estate and homes all over Northumberland may not have modern plumbing.  Selling these homes and properties can sometimes be a challenge.  You have been living in a century home in a mature neighbourhood like Henry St. in Cobourg, or Dorset Street in Port Hope.  An area where all the homes have been built many, many years ago. Some  have gone through a facelift, but some, are in close to original state.  We at Northumberland Home Values Group have seen many homes of all ages.  Using our experience as we walk through your home before listing we often suggest doing a pre inspection.    Having a trained professional determine and assess if outdated components. Things that you may not even be aware of such as Galvanized plumbing.  You really don’t want any surprises when you decide to sell your home. 

Galvanized Pipes Are Better Than Lead

Galvanized pipes, commonly installed in homes built before 1960, are steel pipes that have been dipped in protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust.  Galvanized pipes were a good alternative to lead pipes, which we all know are very bad for your health.

They are usually grey and dull in appearance and they tend to build up with sediment on the inside making the diameter of the pipe smaller and over time unusable.  Alternately, the galvanized connecting pieces, couplings, elbows or “T”s etc tend to wear out from the inside.  The pipe can look like new on the inside but be paper thin.   You might find that they are corroded which can lead to leaks. That’s one reason why it’s difficult, if not impossible to insure a home with galvanized pipes.

We Help Seller Find Options

As a home seller, you have couple of options before you list the house for sale.  One, is to replace all the piping in the home before listing. The second is to leave it as is, but disclose it to the potential buyer with a written estimate from a reputable company on what the cost would be to replace all the pipes and fittings

The latter  might have to be negotiated and reflected in the final price of the home.

So, before listing your house, call the Northumberland Home Values Group so we can go down to the basement and check out where the water line comes in and what do the pipes and fittings look like.  Our job is to put you in the strongest position  possible.  And we take it very seriously. 

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