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Selling Northumberland Country Property

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Country Homes Are Different

Weather you live in a town like Cobourg or Port Hope or in the country like Hamilton, Haldimand or Alnwick Townships, each and every property is different. If you lived in the country side of Northumberland most of your life, you really didn’t concern yourself with rules and regulations of town living. You knew that people in Cobourg or Port Hope had rules, due to people living in close proximity to each other. But it was of no concern to you since you had acres of land and your neighbour was a distance away.

Does City Mouse Understand ?

Now comes a time when you think it might be good for you to sell your place in the country. You have heard that there are a lot folks making the move to a more rural setting, away from the noise and hustle of town living.

 With the help of Northumberland Home Values Group agent, you list your property and sure enough there is a lot of interest. Which is not a surprise, Northumberland country homes and retreat properties are in great demand.

With all this interest, comes a lot of questions. Soon you realize that, for someone who has never lived outside of town there are some concerns about country living. It would be a bit overwhelming but your Northumberland Home Values Group agent has already got the answers !!

Knowing The Questions Before They Get Asked

At the Northumberland home Values group our job is to put you in the strongest position possible – we come prepared.

The most important and most frequently asked questions is  the water supply. Second is about the septic system and next would be the property line or a survey.

This can easily be answered by having a water test done at the local Health Unit before the question even arises. Early testing can reveal minor issues that can be easily dealt with before the home goes to market. Instead of having a panic at the last minute. Perhaps you obtained a copy of the Hydrogeological testing results when you were building the house, have it on hand so you can show the town buyer, but you should still have your water tested and encourage your buyer to do the same every couple of months.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Over the septic tank !!!! Have a rough draft, if you don’t have a copy, of the location of the septic system. You will be asked to have the system pumped before you can close the sale, so encourage the buyer to be present for that, so he/she  knows where it is  for the next time.

Thirdly, if you have a survey of your property, have it handy. In the country you are dealing with a larger plot of land than in town. Usually we ask for the corners to be well marked out by an orange steak in the ground or a metal peg. It’s critical for everyone that a buyer knows what they are actually looking at – and we have to remember that not all agents are as thorough as Northumberland Home Values Agents and may not know your land at all. Let’s make it easy for people to see how great it really is.

Encourage your town buyer to walk the parameter of the whole lot to know exactly how much land he/she  is buying.

Share with him/her any information you might have about the taxes,hydro, satelite, garbage, recycling and snow removal.

Your  Northumberland Home Values Group agent, will ask you to have all this information on hand, or help you obtain some of it, to help with a smooth transition, as well as to educate the town buyer, who has never been in this situation before.

They will be very grateful,  and can now enjoy country life.


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