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Selling Northumberland Real Estate In Spring

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Selling Northumberland Real Real Estate  in early Spring.


During the last couple of months, you have been thinking of putting your Northumberland home or property on the market. You’ve reached out to your Northumberland Home Values Realtors to check out what the
market is doing and to invite them in to have your home evaluated again.

Current Real Estate Pricing Is Critical

A few months make a difference,  values can change quickly in Cobourg, Port Hope and along the lakeshore.   You would like to know if your home value has increased or decreased. After discussing the value of your home, you decide that it’s time to list. Then you go outside and look around, and what you see isn’t pretty.The Winter months haven’t been kind to your property.
Your plants that were so beautiful in the Summer look like something has been pounding on them with a stick. It seems the wind has  blown all the garbage, every paper and wrapper, and the contents that escaped the recycle bin from your entire neighbourhood into your yard and gardens.On the advice of your Northumberland Home Values Realtors to make the property more presentable and ready for the market, you arm yourself with garden clippers, pull on your rubber
gloves and with garbage bag in hand you venture out ready for clean up. First of all, let’s pick up all those wrappers, papers and cartons that use to be in a recycle bin, next the leaves from all the trees around, that decided they liked your yard the best. This is where the rubber gloves come in, since it’s a bit too early to rake them up, you will have to pick them up. Next, let’s move onto the plants and shrubs. Some of them can be cut down a bit to make them look cleaner, but
some, you will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer out.  If you need help knowing what to cut and what to leave we have people we can connect you with.

Christmas Magic Is Yesterdays News

Your Christmas decorations and lights can be taken down now and put away. Throw out those
once pretty Christmas boughs, sweep and wash inside and out, especially windows and doors
if weather permits, if not, inside will freshen them up a bit,arrange your patio furniture, if weather
resistant, to make things look like Summer is just around the corner.
Next call your Northumberland Home Values Realtors and get your house listed.

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