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Vermiculite Insulation and Real Estate

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How To Sell a Home With Vermiculite Insulation 

As a seller of a Cobourg, Port Hope or Northumberland Home, you may not know what kind of insulation was used in your home. Northumberland home was built before 1990’s there were several choices for the insulation the builder may have used.  The choices were fiberglass batt insulation, blown in cellulose, sprayed polyurethane foam.  Or even vermiculite, which was used between 1940’s and 1980’s.

Depending on its origin, vermiculite can be problematic.  If it contains asbestos. Not all do, but how do you as a seller know that?  Or even if you have this type of insulation.

If you peek in your attic and find small granules either silver grey or brown in colour between the joists of your roof.  Then chances are that you have vermiculite, and if your home was built before 1990’s that vermiculite  may contain asbestos fiber.

A pre- inspection, which we at Northumberland Home Values Group strongly recommend.   It will probably uncover such insulation.  Sending a sample to a qualified lab for testing to determine whether it contains asbestos.


You Need To Know What You Have


If the results are negative, you will have the laboratory report to reassure potential buyers and justify your sale price.

If the results are positive you have some choices to make.   You as a seller, may be asked to remove the contaminated insulation or reduce your price accordingly. And how much will this cost you? It can range from a few thousand dollars to a few tens of thousands of dollars depending on whether the insulation is only in the attic or whether it’s also in the walls, which is more difficult to remove.

In the meantime, to keep your family and yourself safe, as well as avoid the risk of contamination,  prevent anyone from going into the attic without a proper mask, do not store anything in the attic, make sure to seal all cracks, holes and  openings between the living areas of the building and the attic.

If you suspect that you have vermiculite insulation, contact your  Northumberland Home Values Group agent to find a lab where you can have a sample tested for asbestos.


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